Spine Consultants, LLC – Office Staff

Tony Garcia | 773-321-2816 | tonyg@spineconsultants.org
Financial Advisor

Lisa Mackey | 773-321-2810 | lisam@spineconsultants.org
Office Manager 
Lisa joined Dr. Butler’s team in May 2006 and has worked in various capacities. As Office Manager, she oversees Spine Consultants: operations; finance; information systems; legal; human resources; and marketing functions. Lisa came from the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute corporate office where she was the IME/Workers’ Compensation Program Manager and prior was Dr. Butler’s Workers’ Compensation Coordinator. In her earlier career, Lisa worked for 10 years at the Fellowes corporate headquarters as a workers’ compensation coordinator. She received a BPhC degree from Northwestern University in 1989 and a certificate in Medical Billing and Coding from College of DuPage in 2008.

Jessie Marini | 773-321-2812 | jessiem@spineconsultants.org
Workers’ Compensation Administrator

Jasmine Medrano | 773-321-2800 | jasminem@spineconsultants.org
Front Desk/Bilingual
Jasmine has worked in the healthcare industry for over 15 years. She specializes in outstanding patient care, patient intake and and front desk duties.

Jean Stephens | 773-321-2823 | jeans@spineconsultants.org
Medical Secretary

Michael Zorko – CFA/CST/OSS | 773-321-2814
Social Media & Special Projects Coordinator
Michael is an Orthopedic Surgical Specialist with 12 years of surgical & clinical experience. Before joining Dr. Butlers team, Michael worked as a product & sales trainer for OrthoHelix Surgical Designs. Currently Michael is responsible for the development of social media and market branding, and assist Dr. Butler and Dr. Chioffe in the clinical setting.